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The GammaRayFitness philosophy states that strength is built through compound movement. Muscle groups working together in a syncopated harmony to produce maximum transference of force. In general, we do not use isolated movement as a base in our routines, but rather as an accessory to increase lifts in the compound movement.
We believe that ones strength should not be compromised for aesthetic. We build better looking, better performing, and healthier physiques through movement.

All of our workouts engage multiple muscle groups that mimic movement patterns that are useful in everyday life not merely in the gym setting.

Being around the GammaRayFitness team, you will hear us talk a lot about compound functional movement. What is a compound functional movement and how does it translate into a comprehensive workout routine? Compound functional movements are movements that are familiar to the bodies natural range of motion and design. Pushing, pulling, lifting and pressing are the four basic or primal movements that make up compound functional movements. All of our program designs include compound functional movements. It is our belief that the body responds best to movements that it recognizes and performs regularly in natural environments. For example, the DEADLIFT (a GammaRayFitness favorite) is a combined pulling & pushing movement that incorporates all muscle groups and is similar to movements that humans perform everyday.

 It is our hope that every client that participates in one of our GammaRayFitness programs, will come away with the knowledge to incorporate functional movements into their physical health goals throughout their lives.

Yolanda, GammaRayFitness Performance Specialist

Give a man a workout routine. He will train for a day. Teach that man how to train functionally, he will be fit for a lifetime. 

 At GammaRayFitness, we don’t just give our clients a bunch exercises to perform. Rather, we teach them how their bodies work, help them to spot deficiencies and design a comprehensive plan to create and sustain a functional movement program. Through this process, each client becomes an active participant in their own quest for physical health. They are empowered to help create and modify their own workout program, a unique feature that in most training companies is solely left up to the trainer.

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