Train your MIND and your BODY will Follow

Knowledge is the key to proper development for your mind and body

Yolanda Baldwin


Power, Determination, Accomplishment

What does it take to have a Gamma mind? Determination, confidence and and an undying will to complete long and short term exercise goals. How do you acquire a Gamma mind? you’re not born with it,Gamma minds are molded, sculpted, broken down and rebuilt. We promise it won’t be easy, but what worthy goal has ever been easy? All that is required is a positive attitude and respect for that craft that is personal wellness.

 We will teach you how to breakdown some of the most common personal mental obstacles that prevent people from attaining their optimal fitness goals.

Train your mind and your body will follow. When you learn how to think with a fit mind, the rest is easy.


Strength, Power, Explosion

Compound movements

The Gammaray fitness philosophy states that strength is built through explosive compound movement. Muscle groups working together in a syncopated harmony to produce maximum transference of force. In general, we do not use isolated movement as a base in our routines, but rather as an accessory to increase lifts in the compound movement.

  We believe that ones strength should not be compromised for aesthetic. We build better looking, better performing and healthier physiques through movements that engage multiple muscle groups that mimic movement patterns that are useful in everyday life not merely in the gym setting.


 Flexibility, Balance, Core Stability

Often times when people think of what it means to be fit, especially in the weight training world, we neglect the crucial components of flexibility and core stability. Improved flexibility is essential as it decreases your risk of injury by improving your joints range of motion and allowing your muscles to be utilized in it most optimum capacity. Improving your flexibility also promotes blood flow to the muscles which can improve your gains during workouts as well as assist in building healthy muscle.

 One of the foundations of the GammaRayFitness philosophy is that we believe that every movement you preform in the quest to become fit should be functional. Functional movements are movements that are natural to your bodies’ movement pattern like squatting, pushing(bench press, shoulder press),pulling(rows,curls) and compound movements (deadlift,squat press). The foundation for proper execution of these movements relies heavily on optimum core strength. The core muscles consist of the muscles surrounding your trunk and pelvis. These muscles are responsible for keeping your body stable which is very important for proper form during movements especially if you are lifting very heavy weight and want to avoid injury.


Endurance, Nutrition

The biggest question we face when partaking in a high intensity weight lifting program is “what do I eat?”. Macros, micros, how much is too much or not enough? Nutrition gurus and philosophers would give you some generalized answer or table to plug your numbers into to calculate your ideal protein, fat and carb intake. At GammaRayFitness we understand that your nutritional  program should be as unique and flexible as your physique. Lifestyle, stress, nutritional availability and finances are just some of the factors that can affect your eating habits. At Gammaray, We can help you to identify these factors to create nutritional programs as well as supplementation that can be realistically maintained to promote long term anabolism for maintaining muscle health and fat loss.

 To cardio or not to cardio, that is the question?

There has been some debate as to whether a high or low impact cardiovascular regimen is conducive to achieving a fit physique. While there are some who swear by their cardio training to increase stamina, promote active metabolism and maintain healthy weight, there are some who believe that cardio training may cause cellular damage, premature aging and is simply unnecessary to optimize physical health. You are in safe hands. The GammaRayFitness Performance Specialist will ensure that your endurance goals are modified to fit your exact needs.

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